World Bank has awarded 3.8 million dollar under Fund of Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) to Pakistan for taking measures to fight climatic changes and tropical deforestation. This fund is won by Pakistan after a tough competition at Geneva, Switzerland. The fund is formed for providing aid to the developing countries for taking necessary measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by preserving their forests.

Total eight countries around the globe including Pakistan were selected for availing the FCPF fund. These are Pakistan, Bhutan, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cote d’lvoire and Togo. The total funding of around 30.4 million dollar is kept for the purpose. The two-member delegation including I-G forests Syed Mahmood Nasir and Director Biodiversity Program, Mr. Naeem Ashraf Raja represented, pleaded and won for Pakistan.

Environmentalists consider it as a great achievement as this grant will help Pakistan to safeguard its rapidly depleting forest reserves. Pakistan has around 4.4 million hectares covered with forests, of which around 27,000 hectares per year deprived of its greenery due to cutting trees and destruction due to other factors. The grant will allocated to Pakistan within 14 months subject to submission of required revised readiness preparation proposal (R-PP). Effective utilization of the fund will not only help us slowing down the deforestation, but also connect us with communities working for the protection of forests around the globe.

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