US Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agriculture affairs at IMF and World Bank gathering assured Pakistani Finance Minister Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, US support for accessing European markets for Trade activities.

Dr. Sheikh also briefed German and British leaders about the Government of Pakistan’s efforts for development and economic stability in the country. The German Finance minister at the event offered to provide support for Pakistan’s hydro power projects and small dams.

Earlier the Chinese official in his meeting with the Pakistani Finance Minister pledged to step up implementation of economic partnership agreements.

The Pakistani Finance minister also requested US private sector to invest in Pakistan for covering the shortages in electricity shortages. He said that Pakistan is looking forward for investment for development of Thar coal reserves, completion of Dia-mer Dam and other hydroelectric projects as part of meeting energy requirements.

In agriculture sector, Pakistan is looking forward to increase productivity, while investment in infrastructure will help in increasing living standard in the country. Dr. Hafeez said after meeting with delegation from US chamber of Commerce, fruitful outcomes are expected as a result of this interaction. Mr. Shaikh spoke about GOP’s efforts to boost revenues, revival of infrastructure destroyed due to floods, containing inflation and better growth. Exports are also increased 26% more than the previous year.

The Chairman of US Pakistan Business Council also commented on the importance of economic ties for building strategic relationships between the two countries.

The Pakistani Finance minister also meets with the finance ministry officials from China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Afghansitan, Iran and Great Britain.

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