After the successful launch of mobile banking by MCB in 2009-10 and “Easy Paisa Scheme” by Telenor and Tameer bank for providing money transfer services etc, another major player of Pakistani Banking Industry; United Bank Ltd (UBL) has also launched its branch-less banking network called UBL Omni Dukaan. Currently this UBL Omni Dukaan service has been provided in more than 100 cities and towns across Pakistan.

Customers across Pakistan can open a UBL Omni account at any UBL Omni outlet of their choice in a very simple manner by having a valid CNIC and mobile phone number. Their mobile phone number will be used as account number irrespective of the service provider. The UBL Omni account holder like any other traditional account can deposit and withdraw cash, pay utility bills, send and receive money, purchase mobile cards vouchers can pay mobile bill payment using convenient channels like Internet banking / WAP SMS, ATM’s etc.

There will be no need to visit bank branches for basic banking transactions it will also provide an opportunity to execute business transactions even after normal business hours. The facilities of paying utility bills, mobile bills and purchasing mobile bill payment vouchers will be even provided to the customers not having UBL Omni Account.

The above branch-less banking project if handled properly will open and flourish a new method of modern banking in Pakistan. This will also help in accomplishing the client’s trust on new secure modern technology methods, protocols, equipments and gadgets.

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4 Responses to UBL Omni Dukaan – The Branch-less Banking

  1. Asim says:

    Well the idea was intially launched by MCB in the year 2009-10, despite of their powerful ad campaign, the trust of the common people could not be establised largely on the mobile service providers. Then came the easy paisa scheme by Telenor and Tameer bank. Although this was a good customer facilitation service but was criticized due to high rates of charges on the execution of of transactions. Now came the UBL Omni scheme, this can be desperate move by UBL to show its presence in the Pakistani banking market.

  2. Kamran says:

    I think it’s a good move on the part of UBL for capturing the local market thru’ accessing the common people who hesitate to go big branches of the banks, now they can avail banking services at their door steps. The future of prosperous banking business lies in better customer facilitation and MCB and UBL are two of the good banks who have realized this well before time.

  3. Dear Sir

    I am writing this to register my complaint and protest against UBL OMNI which are to help subscribers pay their utility bills with ease.

    Unlike what OMNI claims, my first and probably the last experience with UBL OMNI went horrible. My paid amount didn’t reach to the LESCO and I was billed again with extra charges for the service that I had paid already for.

    This happened as OMNI didn’t punch my bill and transaction was not carried away.

    I am sure this is not only me. There must be thousands of other customers who would be bearing the same brunt. I have heard WAPDA linemen telling subscribers to not to pay bills at UBL OMNI as they don’t punch bills at time, or even after time.

    reference no 04111510348500 paid in april amount 2529 which is increasing every month transaction id 31105554 .I have submit many complains but no reply

    A concerned citize

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