The Governor State Bank of Pakistan in a meeting with Senate’s standing on Finance, has said that Bank of Punjab is in dire need of Capital Injection and The Punjab Government should take immediate remedial measures by providing the required money to the BOP. The SBP has already provided 10 billion rupees to the Bank of Punjab and also have advised the Punjab Government to provide liquidity to the bank. The SBP has also emphasized on the revival of the Bank to its full financial strength. Earlier upon the recommendation of SBP a formal investigation was launched in BOP involving National Accountability Bureau and FIA. The SBP’s role as a monitor and surveillance authority in the banking sector was also strongly defended in the said meeting. The chairman of the senate committee has also asked the SBP official to submit their detailed report, how despite of strong monitoring by SBP a fraud/scam of 9 billion rupees took place in BoP. The Committee has also required a detailed report on the amalgamation of NDFC with National Bank of Pakistan.

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