The total reserves of Pakistan currently reached at the level of 8.05 billion dollars. As per the State Bank’s weekly statement the foreign exchange reserves held by SBP itself amounted to around 3.245 dollars whereas foreign reserves held by other banks amounted to around 4.80 billion dollars. During the last week ending on Jan 3, 2014 these forex reserves held by State Bank of Pakistan, declined to the level of around 3.24 billion, showing a net decrease of around 412 million dollars in comparison of 3.66 billion dollars reported earlier.

This decline reported in Central bank reserves was attributed to the payment of 160 million dollars on account of external debt servicing. Around 109 million dollars were paid to International Monetary Fund (IMF) as repayment for loan under Standby agreement (SBA). The SBP official report also indicated absence of significance inflow from multilateral and bilateral sources.

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