The Irani deputy oil minister Mr. Ali Majedi asked Pakistan to finance the construction of Iran-Pakistan Gas line in its own territory. These remarks were given by Irani minister in response to the request made by Pakistani Oil & Petroleum minister Mr. Khaqan Abbasi to Iran to fund $2 billion dollars to Pakistan for finishing the gas pipeline.

The $7.5 billion dollars’ worth project was launched in year 2010, is facing problems including financial issues. Irani minister also denied of making any such commitments with Pakistan. He also quoted that Pakistanis should accelerate the project in order to resolve their energy crises and gas shortage.

Construction on the Iranian territory is almost complete, but Islamabad if facing financial constraints for funding construction on Pakistani side. Once completed the project aims to resolve electricity and gas problems in the country.

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangani expressed his concerns regarding slow progress on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline due to financial difficulties faced by Pakistani Government. Mr. Abbas however, insisted that there is no chance to abandon the pipeline project.

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