ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan is working hard on the implementation of agreements signed between Chinese and Pakistani officials three months ago. The Finance Minister Mr. Hafeez Sheikh has warned officials and departments against any inaction. A comprehensive report on the progress of the projects is being required by the ministry officials to monitor the performance and development of these projects. Mr. Sheikh was chairing a meeting between the Chinese and Pakistani officials conducted to review the progress on these projects. China has signed agreements to provide financial and technical assistance to Pakistan.

Several projects agreement worth more than $10 million, were signed by both China and Pakistan in December 2010. These can rightly be considered as efforts on the part of china to build better relationships in economic and political sectors of the regional states.

The Chinese Government has also pledged to support Pakistan for reconstruction of number projects, especially related to the reconstruction of highways and revival of agriculture sector.

However, there is a fear of slackness on the part of Pakistani Government officials in the implementation of these projects. Mr. Hafeez said that nothing of this nature will be tolerated.

The meeting has focused on the implementation of agriculture-related projects and also reviewed progress in financial and banking sector. A proposal to open a branch of NBP in china, following the Chinese banking laws was also presented in the meeting.

Under the bi-lateral trade agreements both Pakistan and China will provide support and access to each other’s markets. The launch of second phase of Free Trade Agreement between the two countries was discussed.

Another important issue which was brought under discussion was “Youth Exchange Program”, according to which 100 delegations of Chinese and Pakistani youths will visit each other’s country to enhance cultural relationships.

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  1. shahryar says:

    The agreement between China and Pakistan are an important milestones towards progress, success and prosparity. Now the responsibilty lies with the government officials to monitor the performance carefully. As our country could gain lot out of these projects

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