US has threaten Pakistan to cut off all military and aid for economy revival, if the Pakistani Government wouldn’t set free Raymond Davis, the American who killed two innocent Pakistanis in cold blood.

The said American, whose involvement in “suspicious activities” in Pakistan is confirmed, was working as an operative for CIA in Pakistan.

This American threat was conveyed to Pakistani Government simultaneously from American State Department, Defence Department, an American powerful delegation and US Embassy. The delegation has called on President Zardari and Prime Minister Gillani last week and they suggested that “the Raymond Davis should be released before the damage is done”.

The Message from the American delegation is given in a loud and clear manner to the top officials of Finance Ministry and Other Interior Ministry key personals. Pakistan Government seems to be trapped in a fix, as on one side the American Government is pushing hard to get its person free, whereas, on the other side, freeing the American will make the GOP unpopular among the common masses.

This might also create low morale among the People of Pakistan and a sense of insecurity that any foreign outlaw could kill our people in our country. One can easily see the double standards of the Two-faced American Government on these kinds of matters. If some American is killed anywhere in the world, American Government destroyed nations and countries in order to avenge his death and deprive them of their resources. Afghanistan and Iraq are two bitter examples of this hypocrisy.

One must ask this to American Government if such an act was done by some Pakistani in US; then he would be punished, even if they had to kidnap him from Pakistan. Now why are they asking to release the brutal convict? Well, the case is in Court, let’s see what it decides and how the Government of Pakistan handle this situation?

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