Pakistan may face international isolation on economic front if drastic measures are taken during the review of bilateral issues with United States. The warning was given by Dr. Abdul Hafeez sheikh in a meeting of Parliamentary committee on National Security. The said committee has finalized its draft of recommendations regarding ties with US.

Mr. Sheikh while discussing the issues at the meeting said that, “There are certain shocks which Pakistan can absorb but there others it can’t”.

The review was ordered by Government Pakistan after the Nato Strike of November 26, 2011 which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in Mohmand Agency. These strikes caused more tension in already stressed Pak-US relations due to drone attacks.

The finance minister also added that, “A single incident should determine our relationship with United States. Any decision should be taken while keeping in mind the multidimensional paradigm of security, prosperity of country and diplomacy.”

The minister argued with committee that the country should adopt a ‘balanced’ approach towards its relations with United States. He also briefed the committee that US might use its influence over the international financial institutions to suspend or close financial aid to the country that will result in hurting Pakistan’s economy.

Some of members of committee opposing this point of view argued that Pakistan has survived the in past such kind of sanctions imposed by US and other international entities. Example of counter nuclear tests performed against the Indian nuclear tests was quoted in this regard.

The committee has finalized its draft recommendations and forwarded these to defence and foreign ministries for their input. The final recommendations will be presented to Prime Minister Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani after that.

The Government will then present these to Parliament for its approval which is expected by mid-January.

The review, measures and strategy adopted as a result of the above could prove an important milestone determining future Pak-Us relationships.

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