The Government of Pakistan is taking steps to go into review of economic situation with IMF, in order to take confidence of International community over the fiscal and economic threats posed due to the worst flood disaster. These meeting and interactions with IMF officials will help in establishing new break points and deadlines for achieving the economic targets, keeping in view the country’s current disastrous condition due to floods.

The official also said that “This is the right time to remain engaged with IMF officials at this critical stage, so that necessary steps could be taken keeping in view the economic downturns like fiscal deficit, tax reforms , inflation and GDP rate decline”.

This will also help the government to get waivers on account of economic performance and targets.

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One Response to GoP’s Economic review with IMF

  1. fakhar says:

    lie….totally lie…….our government can’t improve. The only thing that will work is IMF’s directions.

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