The State bank of Pakistan (SBP) has adopted the guidelines on Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS) of IMF in an effort to enhance the coverage and quality of external debt statistics. The external debt stock table is being revisited and aligned with International Investment Position (IIP) statement and international guidelines. External debt has risen by $5,470 million as at March 31, 2012 as a result of this enhanced coverage of external financial facilities. As per the guidelines in IMF’s External Debt Guide for Compilers and Users 2003 and SDDS Guide 2007 classify Inter-company Debt, Private Sector Trade Credits, Non-resident Deposits with Depository Corporations, overdrawn balances of non financial corporations and other debt liabilities as country’s external debt position.

In order to highlight these developments a revision study has been conducted and made available on SBP website.

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