According to the weekly statement of position of SBP for the week ending 17 june; the deposits and other accounts of all scheduled banks have reached to the level of 5,321 bln, increased by Rs 6 bln as compared to 5,315 bln of previous week. In the corresponding week for the last year the figure reported was PKR 4,575 bln, which shows an increase of PKR 746 billion. Commercial banks deposits have shown a rise of 7 billion over the week whereas specialized banks deposits stood at Rs 15.3 billion.

Borrowings by all scheduled banks increased in this week. It has reached to the level of Rs 512 billion over the last week’s figure of Rs 505 billion. However, last year in the same period the figure was PKR 573 billion. This shows that although there is a rise of 7 billion in the current week as compared to last week but overall there is a decrease of 61 billion as compared to last year.

Commercial banks’ borrowings have also increased to Rs 438 billion from Rs 434 billion in the last week. Gross Advances stood at Rs 3,446 billion which shows an increase of 16 billion as compared to previous week. Investments of all scheduled banks have reached to the level of 2,343 billion against 2,361 billion of preceding week; an increase of 62 billion was observed.

State Bank of Pakistan also reported that the notes in circulation have decreased in the week ending 18 June 28, 2011. The current reported figure is 1.654 bln as compared to the 1.659 bln of last week. A net decrease of 14 bln was observed this week. However, if compared to the corresponding week of the last year there is a net increase of PKR 240 bln.

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