Bahrain would explore unmatched business opportunities in Pakistan with especially focusing Islamic banking and project-based financing, said President FPCCI Zakaria Usman in a meeting of Bahrain-Pakistan Business Council on three-day visit of Bahrain’s King Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa to Pakistan.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Industries and Commerce, Transport, Chairman Bahrain Chamber of Commerce officials and other prominent businessmen of both countries were present at the occasion.

Mr. Zakaria said despite of Pakistan’s vibrant economy, having 43 financial institution and facility of low cost of living the trade level between the two countries have remained to $400 million dollar. Around 400 Pakistani companies are in operation in Bahrain and their number is growing.

The FPCCI chief also said that Pakistan is recovering from economic and political setbacks after more than a decade and experiencing new economic growth which is a great opportunity for foreign investors. Bahrain having a central location in gulf with a highly diversified economy is looking forward to boost flow of investments. Both Pakistan and Bahrain can get mutual benefits through existing and new treaties in trade and other economic sectors. Pakistani textile could find place in US market due to Bahrain’s FTA with America and Manama could explore markets in Pakistan’s neighboring.

Mr. Zakaria emphasized that Pakistan is a very good market for investments. Moreover, Pakistani government is offering the best investment policies as around 700 foreign companies are already operating and making profits in Pakistan.

At this occasion many Memorandum of understandings were signed between Pakistan and FPCCI.(image)

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