The chief minister of Sind Mr. Qaim Ali Shah has been informed by the officials that Asian Development Bank will provide $3.5 bn dollars for the implementation of Development schemes.

He was informed at briefing about the implementation of ADB funded development schemes. The Sindh Chief Minister welcomed ADB team and briefed them about the destructions of infrastructure, roads and bridges due to heavy floods last year. He said that projects under the banner of “Sindh Cities improvement program” will be implemented soon to facilitate the people of the province.

The participants of the meeting were informed that due to heavy floods the whole irrigation system has suffered from breaches at different points and a project worth about $405 million is being launched for rehabilitation and repairs. The CM also said that old water supply system will be improved and new drainage technology be evolved.

The additional chief secretary, Planning and Development of Sind Mr. Lashari has further added that Asian Development Bank is providing assistance in many development programs in Sind province. He said that 800 kilometer roads badly affected due to floods are being repaired under the scheme. Irrigation system, river embankments are being improved. Sind Coastal Development authority is also playing vital role in resolving problems of coastal areas.

Country Director of Asian Development Bank Mr. Werner has assured the help of ADB in future also. The CM of Sind appreciated their help and also that performance of different projects will be monitored carefully to their utmost satisfaction.

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